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Water sports in Goa

Water sports in GoaWater sports are a prime and exciting option on a vacation in Goa. Goa's splendid coastline, rivers and lakes make it the perfect place for some thrilling aquatic sport activities. Surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, boogie boarding, scuba diving, water-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing are just some of the water sports that can be enjoyed here!

And the best part about enjoying water sport in Goa is that all you need is loads of enthusiasm and you'll have an absolutely unforgettable time. Some of the most popular aquatic sports in Goa are a swishing ride on a water scooter or a speedboat at Dona Paula or a leisurely sail on a paddleboat on the picturesque Mayem Lake. Other exciting watersports like scuba diving off Grand Island or paragliding are available at Arambol beach or Bogmalo beach.

To enjoy these sports, one has to have the grit and should be done under expert guidance and even if one is a newcomer to these sports, one can get expert instructions to learn and enjoy the thrill of diving or para gliding. Windsurfing has proved enormously popular and Goa's almost endless array of coastal and inland waterways have given rise to numerous national windsurfing events. The various activities at the Goa are the following

Windsurfing in Goa
Windsurfing is a unique blend of surfing and sailing, which requires the surfer to adjust his strength and balance to the changing patterns of wind and water. By shifting his feet forward or backward, leaning the weight to the right or left, and manipulating the boom in or out, the windsurfer modulates and harmonizes the fickle forces of wind and water to obtain the desired balance and direction. To the expert who has honed himself in all these nuances, windsurfing can indeed be an exhilarating experience.

Most of the windsurfing trainers and experts deems Dona Paula bay to be ideal for the beginners. The conditions here are almost lake-like for both the prevailing winds and the sea. The morning breeze is light and steady-just right for learners; while stronger winds that set in during the afternoons offer a perfect challenge for the more experienced.

However, water sports have seen a stupendous growth all along the Goa and have been largely responsible for the first Windsurfing Regatta, now an annual event. This, along with the Open Board Sailing Competition that lasts up to a week, are events that all water enthusiasts have come to look forward to.

Water Skiing
Skiing is considered to be one of the major extreme sports in the sport, but water skiing is something that gives a water sport lover the opportunity to make a splash at the watery depths of the sea world. Similar to surfing in many ways, you do get to balance on the ski board in here too, but a strong a sensory power is also required over here too.

When you are on a beach, you will never run out things to do on beach, and water skiing is one sport that one must indulge into if you are eligible to try one out. There aren't many private beaches at Goa, but the beaches attached to the luxurious beach resorts are the ones that offer a wealth of hi-tech water sports with proper equipment and the highest safety standards.

Dinghy Sailing
A pleasant change from windsurfing is dinghy sailing, often referred to as 'beer and sandwich' sailing. With the winds in Goa so gentle most of the time, this particular sport offers its participants much time to relax. Dinghies are available for hire at the Cidade de Goa and the Taj Holiday Village. These 15-odd feet long crafts hold three to four people comfortably

Scuba Diving in GoaScuba Diving
For the speed freaks Goa offers the thrills of venturing into the sea on speedboats. The 'thoroughbred' amongst these, can achieve speeds up to 30-40 miles an hour. These crafts, which can carry between six to eight people, are available at the Cidade de Goa, Oberoi, and Taj Hotels. They can be conveniently used for sightseeing as well as water-skiing.

The beaches of Goa offer a varied and plentiful, almost inexhaustible, supply to seafood, still incredibly cheap and absolutely fresh. Go to Betul for Goa's best and largest mussels, brought ashore by expert divers. Go to Agonda (not to be confused with Aguada) for all imaginable rockfish which, with any lucky, you could angle yourself. Soormai, salmon and mullet are frequent catches.

St. Monica Night Cruise
As the sun sets over the Arabian Sea, a beautifully lighted motor launcher leaves St. Monica in Panjim for an hour-long journey of ecstasy created by Goan music and dance. A band plays Konkani, Hindi, Portuguese and English numbers. The audience has equal participation-they dance on the deck as the launch cruises along on the quiet waters of the River Mandovi.
Water sports in Goa
Banana Ride
A 'banana ride' in the sea is a thrilling experience. An air-filled rubber 'banana' tied to speedboats takes five riders over the rough sea. By the time the banana riders are back, they have had at least half a dozen dips in the sea and numerous jumps over the waves! The fun packed trip is full of adventure and quite safe too.

Water Scooters at Dona Paula
At Dona Paula, one can ride the waves on water scooters and feel the thrill of taking the waves head on! Besides, there are also water surfing and water rafting facilities. And for the less adventurous, there are miles of white sand to relax on and the blue sea to float in when the sun becomes too hot.
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