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General Information
Kerala TravelLocation : South India
Area : 38,863 sq km
Capital : Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)
Language : Malayalam & English
Religion : Hinduism, Christianity, Islam
Time : GMT + 5:30 (IST)
Climate : Tropical Weather
Population : 29,011,237 (Census 91)
Literacy : 95 %
Famous For : Backwater, Beaches, Ayurveda Rejuvenation

Kerala is a small state situated at the southwest corner of India. The land which Parasurama (sixth of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu) retrieved with his axe. The land blessed by nature. The land of festivals. The land of Kathakali. The land of coconut trees. And now the land of complete literacy.

The modern state of Kerala was formed in 1956 when India was reformed into states on linguistic basis. The legislative assembly in Kerala has 141 seats. There are 14 Districts, 63 Taluks, 991 Panchayaths, 54 Municipalities and 3 Corporations in Kerala. Kerala has 44 rivers, the longest being Bharathappuzha(Also known as Nila, ~250 kilometers).

Climate of Kerala
The climate is equable and varies little from season to season. The temperature normally ranges between 27º and 32º C in the plains but drops to about 21º C in the highlands.

Winter: 32 to 20º C. Kerala is strongly buffeted by both the southwest and northeast monsoons. Rainfall in many parts of the state exceeds 118 inches. Best season: October to March.

Kerala lies between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer, almost in the middle and forms the south western tip of the Indian peninsula. The land is well demarcated by natural boundaries like the western ranges in the east and northeast and Arabian Sea in the western side. The state lies between 8 17' 30 north latitude and 74 51' and 77 24' 47" east longitude. The breadth of the land varies from 32 kms to 120 kms.

Kerala is known for its communal harmony and it is achieved by Kerala's interaction with varied cultures and ways of life, both indigenous and foreign. Originally its people followed the Dravidian way of life and religious practice. In due course many indigenous religions and philosophical systems from North India made their appearance on Kerala soil and competed with one another for the loyalties of the people. The story of the synthesis of Dravidian and Aryan cultures and the rise and fall of religions like Jainism and Buddhism in ancient Kerala is of particular interest to those engaged in the study of the story of cultural synthesis. At the same time Kerala's commercial contacts with foreign countries, world religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam were also introduced in the land and they helped considerably in shaping the composite culture of the land.

A state with 100% literacy, world standards of health, and a hard working, determined, dedicated population is always setting standards in all most all the spheres of its activity. In more modern times the Keralites have migrated in large numbers in search of employment to several foreign countries like United States, Malaysia and Singapore in South East Asia as well as to several countries of Africa and West Asia. The professionals of Kerala are among the most wanted experts in the fields of medicine, Information Technology etc.

Kerala's rich culture can be best witnessed by experiencing its festivals that are celebrated year round. These colourful occasions showcase Kerala's legacy and more often are intertwined withthe many religious beliefs. Kerala's multi -culturalism is reflected in the various festivals belonging to different faiths. Islamic and Christian festvals are celebrated with equal gusto as temple festivals . Kerala's culture is distinct and unique and that has made it popular to tourists from around the world.

Kerala Backwaters
Kerala BackwatersKerala's backwaters is the most popular tourist attraction of Kerala. The palm-fringed, tranquil backwaters were once just the state's trade highways. Kerala is her backwaters and lakes. They have dictated her history, shaped her present and promise a future by virtue of offering incomparable beauty and unique experiences. The state's palm-fringed backwaters are inland lakes connected by a network of canals. With 41 west-flowing rivers, the backwaters stretch to almost 1,900 kilometers. The backwater routes date back over the centuries and have been long used for all transportation needs, in particular trade in coconut, rubber, rice and spices. Today, these waterways link remote villages and islands to the mainland and nerve centers of the coastal area.

Kerala Beaches
Most of india's finest beaches are in kerala. For virtually its entire 900 km length, the kerala coast is lined with sandy beaches, rocky promontories and coconut palms. The palm-lined beaches of kerala are renowned for the gentle surf and azure blue waters. To this add a delectable seafood cuisine, a smiling sun and frendly people to make an unforgetable holiday. Each year greater numbers of visitors arrive here in search of the tranquil, palm fringed beaches. Their search end after visiting Alappuzha Beach, Kovalam Beach, Beypore Beach and Dharmadam Island in Kerala.

Ayurveda in Kerala
Kerala's equable climate, natural abundance of forests with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants, and the cool monsoon season starting from June to November are best suited for Ayurveda's curative and restorative programs.

In fact, today Kerala is the only State in India, which practices this system of medicine with absolute dedication. Monsoon is considered to be the ideal time for rejuvenation.

Ancient texts recommend monsoon to be the best season for Ayurveda regimens. The atmosphere remains dust-free and cool, opening the pores of the body to the maximum, making it most receptive to herbal oils and therapy.

Fairs & Festivals
Vibrant and packed with centuries of unbroken tradition, the festivals of Kerala seldom stray far from the realms of magic. A thousand colour. Mesmerising music Fireworks. Processions of gold-bedecked elephants... You'll have to keep coming back for a lifetime to really witness this myriad range experiences.
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